Refrigerant compressor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To maintain a refrigerating machine oil level in a compressor in a range of not impairing performance and reliability of the compressor by arranging an oil returning hole in a suction pipe to return refrigerating machine oil to the compressor side from a liquid reserving means. SOLUTION: Oil having noncompatibility or feeble compatibility to a liquefied refrigerant and low density to this liquefied refrigerant, is used as refrigerating machine oil. An oil returning hole 21 is arranged in a position where a liquefied refrigerant 14 corresponding to the compressor volume (an A part) up to a refrigerant delivery port 22 existing on the upper end of a delivery muffler 23 covering a bearing from a refrigerating machine oil supply port 18 surface on the lower end of a main shaft 17, can be stored in a liquid reserving muffler 19. This position is a height directional almost central part of a suction pipe 20. The oil returning hole 21 is set so that an upper surface of refrigerating machine oil 15 in a compressor 1 is always maintained between the refrigerant delivery port 22 and a refrigerating machine oil supply port 18 with this position as the upper limit. Therefore, performance reduction and an oil circulating quantity of the compressor 1 can be restrained within an allowable range. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 従来、冷媒としてHFC(ハイドロフルオロ カーボン)系冷媒、冷凍機油としてアルキルベンゼン系 の油を使用する冷凍サイクルの密閉型圧縮機では余剰冷 媒の生じる液バック運転時、吸入液だめマフラー内で冷 凍機油が液冷媒と二層分離して溜まり、冷凍機油が圧縮 機本体に戻らないため圧縮機本体内の冷凍機油が枯渇し て潤滑不良を起こす恐れがあった。 【解決手段】 液だめ手段2から圧縮機1側に冷凍機油 15を戻すための油戻し孔21を、圧縮機1内の冷凍機 油面が圧縮機1の性能および信頼性を損なわない範囲に 維持されるように、吸入管20に設ける。




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