Variable structure of room



(57)【要約】 【課題】 部屋とバルコニーとが隣接する場合、バルコ ニーを狭くして部屋を広くしたり、あるいは逆に部屋を 広くしてバルコニーを狭くしたりすることが簡単にでき る。 【解決手段】 部屋1とバルコニー2とにわたる平面視 円形状をした円形レール3を設ける。円形レール3に平 面視略半円形状をした移動仕切り体4を移動自在に取付 けて移動仕切り体4を部屋1側に突出させた状態と移動 仕切り体4をバルコニー2側に突出させた状態とを選択 自在とする。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To improve a function by projecting a semicircular movable partition body installed at a circular rail extending over a room and a balcony to the room or the balcony side. SOLUTION: Circular rails 3 in a plan view extending over the room and a balcony 2 are mounted on a ceiling and a floor while being oppositely faced to upper and lower sections in an opening section 14 formed to the wall 13 of a building. A semicircular movable partition body 4 in the plan view is set up to the rails 3 in a freely travelling manner. The space of the balcony 2 is used widely by projecting the partition body 4 to the room side or the room is employed widely by projecting the partition body 4 to the balcony 2 side at the time of usage. The circular rails and the movable partition body are arranged and contacted similarly extending over the adjacent rooms in place of the above-mentioned usage, and either room is employed widely or narrowly as required. Accordingly, the rooms and the balcony can be used by the new way to use which has been hitherto employed.




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