Device for washing private part



(57)【要約】 【目的】 洗浄により使用者の洗浄部に付着した残留水 滴を収束させて、風により拭い去ることにより乾燥時間 を短縮することができる局部洗浄装置を提供することを 目的とする。 【構成】 便座に着座した使用者の被洗浄部に洗浄水を 噴射する洗浄水噴射手段と、この洗浄水噴射手段による 洗浄後の使用者の被洗浄部周辺に空気を噴射し終期にな るにつれ徐々に噴射範囲を狭め終期には被洗浄部のみに 空気を噴射して残留付着水滴を収束させる空気噴射手段 とを備えた局部洗浄装置。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce a drying time by gradually narrowing the jetting range of air jetted to the vicinities of the parts to be washed of an user after washing, jetting air only to the parts to be washed in the final stage, and converging residual water drip attached to the parts to be washed and wiping water off by wind. SOLUTION: If washing water jetting means is operated after stool, warm water in a warm water tank is jetted from a washing water jetting nozzle 8 to the private parts to be washed of an user 10, and filth stuck to the parts to be washed is washed away. Thereafter, high speed jetting means is operated, air in a high pressure air accumulator is sent to an air cavity 16 in a water closet seat 2 through a solenoid flow-regulating valve, and high speed air is jetted from a plurality of air jet nozzles 18. Here, the valve travel of the flow- regulating valve is made smaller in an initial stage, the velocity of jetting air from a jetting nozzle 18 is slowed down, the valve travel is made gradually greater and the velocity of the jetting air is increased, and residual water drip stuck to the washing part is converged to the parts to be washed. Thereafter, the residual water drip collected by high speed air from the jetting nozzle 18 is wiped off.




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