Manufacture of supporting spring with wiring pattern



(57)【要約】 【課題】 簡単で、均一な厚さとバネ性を有し、支持バ ネと配線パターンの位置ズレが起きず、MR搭載部の浮 上姿勢が均一となり、信頼性の高い、安価な配線パター ン付き支持バネの製造方法を提供する。 【解決手段】 銅箔7、ポリイミド8、SUS箔9から なる両面基板1(201) を打ち抜いてSUSパターン2を 形成した(202) 後、ドライフィルム3をラミネートする (203) 。ドライフィルム3を露光、現像、エッチングし て、銅配線パターン4を形成した後、ドライフィルム3 を剥離し、所定のポリイミド8を剥離する(204) 。再び ドライフィルム3をラミネートし(205) 、銅配線パター ン4にNi/Auめっき10を施した(206) 後、ポリイ ミド系樹脂11を塗布する(207) 。最後に、ドライフィ ルム3を剥離して、配線パターン付き支持バネを製造 し、(208) 外観検査と特性評価を行い、製品とする(20 9) 。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method by which a highly reliable, inexpensive, and simple supporting spring with wiring pattern which has a uniform thickness and spring property and can float an MR (magneto-resistive head) mounting section in a uniform attitude and from which the position of the wiring pattern is not deviated. SOLUTION: After an SUS (stainless steel) pattern 2 is formed by punching a double-sided substrate composed of copper foil 7, polyimide 8, and SUS foil 9 (201), dry films 3 are respectively laminated upon both surfaces of the pattern 7 (203). Then, after a copper wiring pattern 4 is formed by exposing, developing, and etching the dry films 3, the dry films 3 are stripped off and the polyimide 8 is removed from prescribed parts (204). After removing the polyimide 8, dry films 3 are again laminated upon the pattern 2 (205) and Ni/Au plating 10 is performed on the copper wiring pattern 4 (206). Then a polyimide-based resin 11 is applied to the pattern 4. Finally, a supporting spring with wiring pattern is manufactured by removing the dry films 3 (208) and the supporting spring thus manufactured becomes a product after appearance inspections and characteristic evaluation (209). COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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