Reference voltage generating circuit and method for adjusting it



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To minimize dependency on temperature through trimming by comprising a resistance element and a bipolar transistor or diode, while a first variable means for changing the value of a first voltage and a second variable means for changing the value of a second voltage are provided. SOLUTION: A band gap reference(BGR) circuit 10 comprises a first operation amplifier 1, a second resistance element R2 connected, in series, between the output end of the first operation amplifier 1 and a ground electric potential, a first resistance element R1 and a first diode D1, and a third resistance element R3 connected, in series, between the output end of the operation amplifier 1 and the ground electric potential and a second diode D2. Related to the BGR circuit 10, a variable means for changing BGR output voltage VBGR is connected. Related to an output correction circuit 20, a second variable means for changing a correction output voltage Vref is connected. Thus, correction is so made as to decrease fluctuation of a voltage value of the BGR output voltage VBGR and temperature-dependency. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】ある温度におけるBGR出力電圧の絶対値だけ でなくその温度依存性もトリミングによって最小化し得 る基準電圧発生回路を提供する。 【解決手段】複数の抵抗素子(R1 、R2 、R3 )と複 数のバイポーラトランジスタ(D1 、D2 )を有し、バ ンドギャップ電圧である第1電圧を出力するバンドギャ ップ電圧発生回路10と、第1電圧またはその分割電圧 を第1の入力電圧とし、第2電圧を出力し、第2電圧の 分割電圧を第2の入力電圧とする演算増幅回路2と、第 1電圧の値を変化させるための第1のフューズ素子F1 と、第2電圧の値を変化させるための第2のフューズ素 子F2 とを具備する。




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