Surface wave generator for high frequency heater



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To heat sushi efficiently and quickly by using surface wave and prevent sparks between sushi's by providing a bonding member for elastically bonding a plate-shaped conductor member and upper and lower cases and partially cutting off the bonding member so as to communicate spaces defined by the cases with each other. SOLUTION: A small flange part provided on a circumference of a plate- shaped conductor member 14 is sandwiched between upper and lower bonding parts 12, 13. An adhesive 15 is provided on circumferences 15 of upper and lower cases 10, 11 in order to bond the upper and lower bonding parts 12, 13 to the plate-shaped conductor member 14 elastically. Part of the adhesive 15 between the bonding parts 12, 13 is cut off so as to form an air hole 16 for communicating inner and outer spaces of the upper and lower cases with each other. A surface wave generator having such a constitution is disposed on a rotary table 8 and when a frozen sushi 21 is put on it and magnetrons 2, 3 are activated, then surface wave is generated on a top face of the upper case so that the frozen sushi 21 is heated. In addition to the surface wave, high frequency radio waves radiated from connection ports 6, 7 also contribute to heating.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】 加熱室内外へ出し入れ自在な表面波発生体を 実現する。 【解決手段】 中央側が上膨らみとなるように設けら れ、その上面に上向き突き出し状の位置決め体19,2 0を形成して冷凍寿司21が所定間隔を隔てて整然と設 置されるようにしたセラミック製上ケース10と、所定 の誘電体損失値をとるとともに周縁部に対して中央側が 下膨らみとなるように設けられたセラミック製下ケース 11と、これら上下ケースの周縁部によって挟まれて保 持されるとともに上下各ケースの内部において水平面に 広がりを有するように設けられた板状導電性部材14 と、上下各ケースの周縁部において上下各ケースと板状 導電性部材とを弾性的に接着する接着剤15と、この接 着剤の一部を欠落させることにより上下各ケースの内外 空間を通ずるようにした空気孔とで表面波発生体を構成 した。




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