Invertible amplifier circuit



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To generate variable correction voltage for dissolving offset on individual invertible amplifier circuits in LSI by connecting a variable voltage generation circuit to an input capacitance in parallel. SOLUTION: A phase compensation circuit constituted of resistance RP 1 and capacitance CP 1 is connected between the input/output of a CMOS inverter I12. The variable voltage generation circuit VV is connected to the input of an initial stage CMOS inverter I11 at the output terminal Taj in parallel to input capacitance C11. Then, the variable voltage generation circuit VV dissolves the offset of the inversible amplifier circuit. Namely, the variable voltage generation circuit VV connects plural capacitances in parallel, and connects a multiplexer to the input of respective capacitors. The respective multiplexers input high reference voltage and low reference voltage. The outputs of the respective multiplexers are connected to high reference voltage or low reference voltage in accordance with control signals. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO
(57)【要約】 【目的】 オフセットの解消。 【構成】 入力電圧に接続された入力キャパシタンス と、この入力キャパシタンスの出力に接続された奇数段 直列のCMOSインバータよりなるインバータ回路と、 このインバータ回路の出力をその入力に接続する帰還キ ャパシタンスとを有する反転増幅回路において、入力キ ャパシタンスと並列に可変電圧生成回路を接続する。




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