Heating apparatus



(57)【要約】 【課題】 ヒータの不用意な作動を確実に抑えた加熱装 置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 ヒータ(3) と、ヒータ(3) に電気を供給 するか否かを切り換える電源切換手段(4)(7b) と、ヒー タ(3) を作動させるか否かを切り換えるヒータ切換手段 (5)(7c) と、電源切換手段(4)(7b) が電気の供給状態に 切り換えられた時点から所定時間内に於けるヒータ(3) の非作動状態に応答して、電源切換手段(4)(7b) を電気 の非供給状態に切り換える制御手段(S9)(S10)(S11)と、 を具備すること。
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To inhibit a heater from unintentional operation by installing a control means which switches an electric power switching means to an electricity non-supply state responding to the non-operational state of a heater for a prescribed period from the time when the electric power switching means is switched to an electricity supply state. SOLUTION: When an electric power source button 4 is pushed continuously for 2 seconds, an electric power circuit 7b is turned on and an electric power source lamp 40 is lighted. In the case an operational knob 5 is already at an adjustment position, a buzzer 8 rings for 1 second to inform erroneous operation and the electric power circuit 7b is turned off. In the case the operational knob 5 is at a switching position, a timer starts counting time and when the knob 5 is turned to the adjustment position within 10 second, current is passed to the heater 3 a current carrying lamp 50 is turned on and a pan is heated. In the case the operational knob 50 is at an off-position even after 10 seconds, the electric power circuit 7b is turned off. In order to turn on the heater 3, two-step operation, that is the operation of the electric power button and operation of the operational knob 5 consecutively within 10 second, is necessary and consequently, a trouble that the heater 3 is unintentionally operated only by one step operation can reliably be avoided. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO




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