Photographic processing liquid for reversal processing, and positive picture forming method using the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make reducible or substantially eliminable a fault of a chemical fogging agent by incorporating a specified compd. and a bi-nucleophilic agent. SOLUTION: In the soln., the compd. expressed by the formula and the bi- nucleophilic agent are incorporated. In the formula, (A) is a group which can be adsorbed on the surface of halogenated silver, L is a connecting group, (r) is 0 or 1, R1 and R2 are independently an alkyl or aryl group. The R1 and R2 may be independently a substd. or unsubstd. 1-12C alkyl group. The linear or branched, unsubstd. or substd. alkyl group or cycloalkyl group are exemplified as the alkyl group. The R1 and R2 may be independently a 1-4C alkyl group as a desirable situation. The bi-nucleophilic agent is the agent containing two active nucleophilic sites. The bi-nucleophilic agent is, for example, hydroxylamine, hydrogen peroxide, hydrazine or substd. hydrazine.
(57)【要約】 【課題】 安定でしかも環境上の問題を有しない化学カ ブリ溶液を提供することである。 【解決手段】 式: 【化1】 (前記式中、Aはハロゲン化銀表面に吸着されうる基で あり、Lは連結基であり、rは0または1であり、そし てR 1 およびR 2 は独立してアルキル基またはアリール 基である)の化合物(I)、及び二−求核剤を含んでな る、反転処理用写真処理溶液、並びに写真材料を前記処 理溶液と接触させる工程を含んでなる写真反転ハロゲン 化銀材料の像様露光によるポジ写真画像の形成方法。




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