Forgery preventive film, and forgery preventive transfer foil



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To change a color depending on a seeing angle, display a design property which is even more excellent than hologram, and impart a high forgery preventive property by a method wherein an optional layer of an optical functional layer which is constituted by laminating a single layer or two layers or more of a low refraction factor and a high refraction factor between metal thin film layers, is partially provided on a base material. SOLUTION: On a base material 1, an Al deposited layer (e.g. 100 Å) 3, a TiO2 deposited layer 4, an Al deposited layer (e.g. 500 Å) are partially provided. By changing the layers which are partially provided, the layer constitution can be variously combined. As a low refraction layer of such an optical functional layer, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and magnesium fluoride of which the refraction factor is 1.7 or lower, are preferable. As a high refraction factor layer of the optical functional layer, titanium dioxide and zirconium dioxide, etc., of which the refraction factor is 2.0 or higher, are preferable. The optical functional layer is provided by a physical gaseous phase depositing method such as a normal vacuum depositing method and spattering, or a chemical gaseous phase depositing method such as the CVD method.
(57)【要約】 【課題】見る角度により色が変化し、かつ部分的に色調 や輝度が異なることによりホログラムに優るとも劣らな い意匠性を有し、高い偽造防止性を付与することのでき る偽造防止用フィルム及び偽造防止用転写箔を提供する こと。 【解決手段】基材上に金属薄膜層間に低屈折率層と高屈 折率層を単層又は2層以上積層してなる光学機能層を設 けてなる偽造防止用フィルムにおいて、前記光学機能層 の任意の層を部分的に設けてなることを特徴とする。




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