Refrigerator having chill distribution blade capable of concentrated chill supply to specified position



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To perform concentrated cooling at a specific temperature raised part by controlling a drive motor to supply chill to a high temperature part based on the temperature in a cooling chamber detected by a plurality of temperature sensors disposed therein thereby adjusting a planar horizontal distribution blade disposed in a duct. SOLUTION: A pair of temperature sensors 9a, 9b are disposed in a refrigeration chamber 3 and a horizontal distributor 30 is arranged such that a drive motor turns a horizontal distribution blade through a rotary shaft thus diffusing chill delivered from a chill delivery port 16 in the horizontal direction. At the time of operation, a microprocessor for controlling the drive motor measures the temperature in the refrigeration chamber by means of the first and second temperature sensors 9a, 9b and calculates the temperature difference. When the temperature difference is higher than a specified level, the temperature is compared between the regions being detected by the first and second temperature sensors 9a, 9b, respectively, and the drive motor is stopped under a state where the horizontal distribution blade is directed toward the higher temperature region. According to the arrangement, concentrated cooling at a high temperature part can be realized. COPYRIGHT: (C)1999,JPO
(57)【要約】 【課題】 冷気分配羽根を有する冷蔵庫を提供する。 【解決手段】 冷気分配羽根はダクト内に冷気吐出口に 隣接した領域に回転可能に設けられる。冷気分配羽根は 停止角度位置の制御が可能な駆動モータにより駆動され る。冷蔵室内には複数の温度センサが設けられている。 マイクロプロセッサは温度センサから感知した温度に基 づき駆動モータを制御する。特定部位の温度が高い場合 冷気はその部位に向かって停止された冷気分配羽根によ り集中吐出され、冷蔵室内の温度差が小さい場合には冷 気分配羽根は持続的に回転駆動される。これにより温度 が高まった部位が集中冷却されて冷蔵室内の温度が均一 に維持される。




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