Assembling method of opening frame



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily perform correct positioning of an opening frame constituted of vertical frames and horizontal frames. SOLUTION: An assembling metal fitting of an L-shaped section, constituted of a constituting piece 2 provided with fixing screw holes and a constituting piece 5 provided with long cutouts 6 in which fastening screws 7 are inserted, is fixed to the outer face or the inner face of either vertical frame 11 or horizontal frame 12 by fastening fixing screws 4. Further, fastening screws 7 are temporarily fitted to the outer face or the inner face of the other frame, the long cutouts 6 are put in them, the screws 7 are fastened to fix the assembling metal fitting 1, and hence the vertical frames 11 and the horizontal frames 12 are assembled.
(57)【要約】 (修正有) 【課題】縦枠と横枠とからなる開口枠の正確な位置決め を容易に行うことができる組立て方法の提供。 【解決手段】断面形状がL字形であり、固定ネジ穴が設 けられた構成片2と、端部より締め付けネジ7が差し込 まれる長切り欠き6が設けられた構成片5からなる組み 立て金具1を、縦枠11及び横枠12のいずれか一方の 枠の外面あるいは内面に、固定ネジ4をねじ込んで組み 立て金具1を固定するとともに、他方の枠の外面あるい は内面に締め付けネジ7を仮付けし、長切り欠き6を差 し込み、ネジ7を締めて組み立て金具1を固定して縦枠 11と横枠12を組み立てる。




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