Molded food containing oyster mushroom



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a very delicious and nutritious mushroom product simultaneously containing the large amount of mushroom kinds in the field of the respective kinds of molded food to which the mushroom kinds could not be mixed for the large amount before. SOLUTION: For this molded food 2 containing oyster mushrooms, the fruit body of the oyster mushrooms or the edible mushrooms of the variety provided with a similar material is divided into small pieces 1P and they are mixed for more than 5 volume %.
(57)【要約】 【目的】従来、茸類を大量に混合することができなかっ た各種成形食品の分野において、大量にこれを含むと同 時に甚だ美味で栄養豊富な茸製品を実現させる。 【構成】通称あわび茸、学名Pleurotus ap alonus、または同様の物性をもつその変種の食用 茸の子実体を小片に分断し、これを5体積%以上混在さ せたあわび茸入り成形食品とする。




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